A downloadable game for Windows

The Thritch Remains takes place in the aftermath of a great war in space. You were ejected from your craft and now drift aimlessly through the galaxy in youre escape module. You must search out broken modules from wrecked spaceshipsand fuse them to your Modular VitaTech Galactic Life Raft in order to survive. Though the war is over, survivors and stragglers float through the debris, seeking resources and shelter - perhaps even a few diehards seek to rekindle the war. Build yourself up by assembling the wreckage of the void into a functional space station and find a way out of the galaxy.

You are given a galaxy map in which you can travel to various nodes. Travelling to these nodes costs you fuel and oxygen, but the nodes may contain resources within discovered modules. In any given node, you can attach the module to your ship and collect the resources inside. Modules don't always have doors on all sides, so they can only be placed when the square in Attach Mode goes green. You can go to Examine Mode to view out of your window and see if there is a module in your current node. Strange machines and devices can be found throughout the galaxy, though what they might do is a mystery.


Unfortunately we were unable to finish the game, so there is missing gameplay and many bugs. Currently, there are no win or lose conditions, and though our story conformed to the theme, there was no time to add any references to it, so at this point our game doesn't match the theme. Our idea was simply too big to complete. At present the scope is limited, and the final production was rushed - we think the skeleton of something far more interesting can be found here though, if you look hard enough.


The Thritch Remains Alpha 01.exe 19 MB