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Hyper Democracy is a narrative game centred around the citizens of a city who have surpassed the need for government and are instead given total control over putting forward, and voting on, any and all decisions they undertake as a society. Freedom has never been so communal. Please do not try and leave your room until you have voted on the minimum agreed amount of motions for the day. Please refrain from using the chat to try and influence other voters. Have a pleasant day. Please click here to return to the TwoButton.com homepage.

If you are a resident of Dreyton, please remember to fill out an A0118 form in triplicate as per the motion agreed on March 25th before returning via the circle road.Our city thanks you for your tireless service. /REDACTED/ Thanks for the cool new stuff. <<updated as of Motion 1222B>>.


Hyper Democracy was completed in 72 hours by Mathew Arnold [@skyewardmedia] with assistance from the following contributors:

Niru - art and music [@nirufekriarnold]
Noir - art and music
Mai - writing
Yaam (C010rized) - music [https://www.youtube.com/user/multitrackviolin]
Kiana (Acrylic) - writing
McKlumpFisk - sfx

Not all assets were implemented in time for the jam and not all ideas were fully realised. The game is meant primarily as a narrative experience as told through the fluctuating environment and the voices of the apartment block's local chat on TwoButton.com. We hope you enjoy it!

(Press E to exit computer screen in game.)


Hyperdemocracy_final.exe 18 MB

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